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#TwitterDown: Elon Musk Announces Twitter Reading Time Limit

Story by Sager Dalvi Digital Today / July 2, 2023

Twitter owner Elon Musk announced on Saturday that the site had implemented time limits “to address extreme levels of data cleaning and system manipulation.”

This News comes hours after users in multiple countries were unable to access social networking sites on Saturday or experienced difficulties and delays. Many people have been notified about exceeding the speed limit.

In response, messages such as “rate limit exceeded” and “#Twitter Down” became popular. According to Down Detector, reports of power outages appeared early on Saturday morning and increased

Just yesterday it was revealed that Twitter is restricting access to its platform to anyone who is not logged into their account. It is unclear whether this change is an intentional policy update or a glitch. The majority of issues reported on Saturday were from websites (44%), followed by apps (39%).

Twitter changes policy

Elon Musk announced that verified accounts can read 6,000 messages per day, while unverified accounts are limited to 600. New unverified accounts read 300 messages per day. It was unclear how the site calculated what counted as read tweets.

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