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Caleb Willingham, husband of 1,000-pound Sisters star Tammy Slaton, dies aged 40: ‘We’ll miss you forever’

Story by Sagar Dalvi / Today 5.20 PM

Reality TV star Tammy Slayton’s husband Caleb Willingham has died. He was 40 years old.

Willingham starred in the TLC series The 1,000 Pound Sisters, which follows the weight loss journey of his wife and sister Amy, who together put on over 1,000 pounds. Deadline reported Saturday that Willingham’s cause of death was undetermined, but was confirmed by his stepmother.

Slaton later paid a touching tribute to Willingham on Instagram by posting a slideshow of pictures of the two of them ,“Rip sweet angel you will always be missed and loved,” the TV presenter wrote in the caption.

How did Tammy Slayton and Caleb Willingham meet?

Willingham and Slayton met while both were in a rehab facility for food addicts. The duo, who are both battling obesity, began dating in 2022 and were quickly married. Their wedding was featured on 1000 Pound Sisters. Slayton said she seemed overjoyed that she had found love.

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